My name is Raffaele Grande. I’ve started playing with CG when I was a teenager with Commodore Amiga and Deluxe paint, but my professional journey started in 2001 after two years of studying 3D. I’ve been a 3D Generalist for quite some time now and I can work on Environments, Characters and Props. I can cover a wide range of tasks from modelling, sculpting, texturing, in-game optimization, shading and lighting for both Real-time and offline render.
After over 10 years working in Italy on several videogames, I moved to London in the 2010. Here I had the opportunity to work as 3D Artist on international movies for companies such as Technicolor, in advertising, as well as keep working for the Game Industry. Since I started very early in computer graphics, I can work using either the traditional old school methods or the more recent approaches. I like to keep myself up to date with new techniques, algorithms and software in general. The programs I use the most are: 3dsmax, Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance, Nuke/Fusion/After Effect and Unreal Engine. At the moment I am working in advertising as 3D generalist and I am in charge of Environments, Characters and Props modelling, texturing, look dev and compositing. I am used to working under pressure, managing and meeting tight deadlines. I like to work with well defined scheduling​s so that I can setup my workflow according to the time frame available. I am a keen worker. I am also a friendly, open minded, reliable and driven person.

Software knowledge:
Photoshop, 3dsmax, Maya, ZBrush, Nuke, Substance, Unity, Unreal Engine

Phone: upon request

Email: rafgrande@gmail.com