Ferrari FXX Evolution – tribute

This is a personal projects I did a few years back. I have always had passion for racing cars and since the first GranTurismo came out, I have been dreaming to see Ferrari cars in it. When they finally managed to include them in GT4, I decided to make a ‘GranTurismo style’ tribute myself to one of my favourite Ferrari ever. The FXX Evolution.
The project took me one and a half months. Here below you can find some more info.

Working time:

Car modelling: 80 hours (10 days)
Environment Modelling: 50 hours (6 days)
Lighting: 50 hours (6 days)
Animation: 80 hours (10 days)
Rendering Time: 300 hours (25 nights)
Compositing 24 hours (3 days)
Editing (1 day)

The polycount of the whole car (with 2 iterations of turbosmooth) is 451.694 polys. The low cage of the car body parts is olny 7797 polys.

I hope you enjoy it!

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