Terry O’Quinn aka John Locke from ‘Lost’ series

I created this model a while ago for a speed sclupt  3D contest, where I managed to get the 2nd place. The theme was to sculpt an old character’s head (I know he is probably not that old after all). It is pointless for me to say how much I loved this character in the TV series ‘Lost’, so I decided to take the risk of not making a random head, but someone you would have been able to recognize. To be honest, at the end of the contest, since it was just one week, he wasn’t looking very much alike as you can see in the picture below with the green material applied. Anyway I kept working on it from time to time to improve his resemblance as well as improving my shading skills, initially in Mental Ray and then in Vray.

I hope you like the progresses I managed to obtain so far.