Wrath of the Cave Troll – Unity Tech Demo

I just want to share with you this Tech Demo that my friend and I created using Unity 3D. The aim was to build something to demonstrate our skills in creating game assets. It took us 2 months of work, during our spare time and a few sleepless nights to complete it. However, we would like to expand it in the future and keep it as our platform where we can experiment new things from time to time.
As a 3D artist, I was in charge of creating all the 3D Asset, Particles, FX, Lighting and Camera animation.
My friend Gennaro Zazo was in charge of all the Programming, Rendering, Physics and Shaders. He also wrote a paper to explain what he did to achieve this visual quality and you can download it here: Some Graphic Secrets Behind Wrath of The Cave Troll
We also had a Character TD, Marco Iannaccone helping us to rig and animate the troll.
The demo is DX11 only and we tested it on machines with GTX graphic cards from 460 to 680. It should be running at least at 40 FPS at the resolution of 1920 x 1080.
The actual supported resolutions are 16/9 and 16/10 only, and I suggest to run it in fullHD to better enjoy it.
The demo includes a first part with a short animation and a second part in which you can navigate the scene in fly mode.

WASD to move;
Mouse to look;
Middle Mouse Click to Pan;
Space Bar to skip the animation and go straight to the fly mode;
‘F’ to show FPS;
‘ESC’ to Exit;
‘O’ and ‘P’ to change gamma.

Please feel free to download the demo here below and give us some feedbacks. You can find our email addresses at the end of the video.

I hope you enjoy it!

Download the Demo here

Project Breakdown

Here you can see the breakdown of the project. All the graphic asset has been created keeping in mind the level editing in Unity, so making sure that scale and pivots were correct to be able to have a smooth workflow in editor.

Watch it on Vimeo